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I'm a slender eighteen-year-old boy. I live in a state with dozens of theocratic laws. I'm kinda gay, but I'm not sure how gay. I'm loud & animated and that entertains some. You're welcome to stay and chat.


1. The End of Evangelion: 1997

2. Adventure Time: 2014

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Ashitaka & Yakul - Princess Mononoke (1997)


Ashitaka & Yakul - Princess Mononoke (1997)

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Why Shouldn’t I Work for the NSA? (Good Will Hunting)

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excerpt from “On Hope”

When I wake up feeling okay
When I feel like sunshine all throughout the day
I know that angry loneliness is just around the bend
and the whole inside my heart just seems impossible to mend
After shot and a swig of liquid confidence
The longing and exclusion only seem to make more sense
Because after all the fun is had
a hangover just augments the bad

billions and billions of minutes wasted